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Capabilities to Create Business Forms, Labels, and Security Documents

MECCA 2000 is the next generation of Amgraf’s MECCA workstation - the world’s premier business forms composition system. MECCA 2000 integrates composition functions for manufactured business forms, variable-data merged forms, flexographic labels, and security documents. MECCA 2000 runs on industry standard PC’s with a user-friendly X-Windows graphical interface.

The software offers designers a comprehensive suite of tools to create multi-color, multi-part forms with graduated screens, borders and pantographs, scanned logos, barcodes, and fine typography. For label manufacturing, the software includes trapping, flexographic distortion, and a unique step-and-repeat feature. To add security to any document, MECCA 2000 provides functions for superimposed hidden “Void” messages, a relief line generator, microprint composer, prismatic color mixer, and PixeLace™, a Guilloche pattern generator for lacey backgrounds. With the MECCA batch pagination engine, forms production from order-entry to plate can be entirely automated. Finished designs are output via PostScript as flawless color-separated negatives or printing plates, or they may be transmitted to digital color printing presses for high-speed variable-imaging applications.


A Colorful Graphical Interface for the Forms Designer

The elegant arrangement of the status readouts, menu buttons, and drawing window allows the operator to control the MECCA 2000 software with confidence. For each drawing tool, option windows “pop-up” by clicking the right mouse button. For every step, “next action prompts” appear at the top of the screen to guide the user. An online help feature is also available whenever a question arises.

MECCA 2000 has a Colorful Graphical Interface for the Forms Designer
MECCA 2000 Graphical Interface


Amgraf’s Patented LogoDot™ Security Screening Technology

With the LogoDot option, you can capture any image such as a corporate logo, a photograph, or a key word or phrase, and convert that image into a LogoDot halftone dot that replaces conventional round dots typically used in normal commercial printing. When compared to conventional halftone dots, LogoDots are much more difficult to faithfully reproduce with commercial photocopiers and scanners, resulting in verifiable originals and easily detectable copies.

Business Forms for the 21st Century

The MECCA 2000 system is a form designer’s dream-come-true. From producing fine typography for the dedicated professional, to creating text-intensive backers and contracts, MECCA 2000 simplifies the typesetting process. Graphical elements such as rules, rounded-corner boxes, graduated screens, check borders, and pantographs are drawn with precision by pointing-and-clicking. Customer logos can instantly be scanned, cleaned-up, and color separated. Color proofs and plate-ready films can be output within minutes.

In addition to the interactive WYSIWYG capabilities, MECCA 2000 includes job scripting and programming features to easily automate many time-consuming standard composition tasks. By using these capabilities, customers can configure repetitive prepress jobs to operate on “automatic pilot” thereby saving time while reducing labor costs and production errors.

MECCA 2000 digital design files are completely interchangeable with other Amgraf products, including the OneForm™ Designer Plus software for electronic forms.




Award-Winning Customer Service

Amgraf provides excellent customer service, training, maintenance, and periodic software updates to keep MECCA 2000 installations running at peak performance.


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MECCA 2000 with Optional Digitizer Tablet

MECCA 2000 with Optional Digitizer Tablet